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Krispian Emert

Senior UX Researcher & Service Designer

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World class user experiences

Design research, service design, information architecture, design thinking, and strategic UX.

My mission in life is to make technology easier to use for everyone. I specialize in 0-1 UX research, helping teams navigate ambiguous spaces from a user-centered perspective, building and maturing UXR practice, and driving a user-centered approach to product strategy. I am a senior qualitative UX Researcher with a track record of improving the user experience for apps that have reached millions of people, including the Facebook app, the NFL App for Xbox, and Microsoft Apps for Win10. I have worked for award-winning agencies, and with brands like Google, Meta: Facebook and Instagram Reels, Xbox, Microsoft, The NFL, Toyota, ING Bank, Telus, Thomson Reuters, BCLC, AT&T, Samsung, and startups such as Unbounce.

My colleagues say they enjoy working with me because of my positive and upbeat attitude. Everyone has a unique story, and I would be thrilled to hear yours! As a UX Researcher, I have the pleasure of gathering stories from users all over the world. With storytelling skills, I bring these users to life for design teams, making sure user needs and perspectives are represented in the products we create. 

Work Experience

July 2018 - Present

July 2018 - 2008

In my current role as an independent contractor working for clients such as Google, and for the past five years as staff Senior UX researcher at Facebook, I've conducted qualitative research throughout the product life cycle, from understanding latent needs to assessing product impact. In my work, I collaborate closely with product teams and stakeholders to design and execute studies that shape product strategies. I drive multiple complex, international research programs and mentor early career UX researchers, all while maintaining high standards and advocating for users.

Since 2008 my focus has been on conducting strategic and generative user research and evaluative UXR, including usability testing, to improve the experience of digital products, such as large-scale consumer websites, mobile apps, and transactional web applications.


For example, at Big Park Game Studios, I established Microsoft Xbox's Rolling Research program for evaluative research and usability test implementation strategies. I was also responsible for conducting generative foundational user research, such as diary studies and interviews, to inform the product strategy for the NFL App for XBox.

In Australia, I worked for Sydney's largest experience design consultancy providing strategic service design for some of Australia's biggest banks, including ING Direct. 


Throughout my career I have established UXR frameworks and best practices, evangelized UX design research, educated teams on UX best practices & standards, and evangelized for the user. I've worked with cross-functional teams, including business intelligence, engineers, analytics, data science, quantitive researchers, and A/B testing teams to define success metrics and triangulate research insights.


Additionally, I mentor early career UX professionals and have taught Information Architecture, UX and Design Thinking courses at VFS.


Personal interests

Beyond my work, I am an adventurous and eclectic person with a passion for music, art, and travel. Whether it's playing bass for professional cover bands & tribute acts, discovering new visual & musical artists, or exploring a new city, I am always seeking new experiences and opportunities to connect with others.


650 319 6898

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